Kimmel Slams Mitt Romney and Oprah Winfrey Presidential Ticket: ‘A Demotion from Being Oprah’ (Video)

“They could have been ebony and, what’s whiter than ivory?” the ABC host joked

Jimmy Kimmel has a major problem with the news Mitt Romney and Oprah Winfrey reportedly planned to run together in 2020: the U.S. presidency is beneath her.

“Why would Oprah want to be president? It’s a demotion from being Oprah, really,” Kimmel quipped.

The ABC host added that the idea was for a powerful Democrat and Republican to join together “to give the American people something none of us want.”

“They could have been ebony and, what’s whiter than ivory?” Kimmel said.

In McKay Coppins’ new biography “Romney: A Reckoning,” Romney says that Oprah approached him in 2019 about running together in 2020 on a joint ticket.

Oprah’s team has since denied this claim.

“In November 2019, Ms. Winfrey called Senator Romney to encourage him to run on an independent ticket,” a spokesperson for Oprah Winfrey told The New York Times. “She was not calling to be part of the ticket and was never considering running herself.”

Kimmel also fired back at those who thought Oprah doesn’t have what it takes to be president.

“As far as I’m concerned if you can grow a cabbage this size in your yard, you can do anything you want,” Kimmel said, showing his audience a picture of the mega celebrity’s viral vegetable.

Romney wasn’t the only presidential hopeful Kimmel targeted Tuesday night. The late night host ended his monologue, which you can watch at the top of this post, by taking swipes at Mike Pence, whom he said needs “an Oprah caliber running mate right now.” Following reports that the Pence campaign is already $620,000 in debt, Kimmel aired a sketch about a Mike Pence yard sale.

He also unearthed a fascinating tidbit about modern American politics. According to Google Trends, search interest for Pence was at its highest on October 7, 2020, aka the day a fly landed on Pence’s head during a debate.

“Maybe that should be his running mate,” Kimmel said.


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