Kimmel Vows He’ll ‘Do a Monologue in My Bathrobe’ if Trump Is Arrested Over the Weekend (Video)

“They decided to push the hearing to tomorrow to give Trump supporters time to iron their confederate flags,” the late night host said

Former President Donald Trump is still a free man, despite saying over the weekend that he would be arrested and in handcuffs by now.

Jimmy Kimmel spent the first half of his monologue discussing the twice impeached ex-president’s failure to actually be arrested, and he promised that if by some chance Trump actually does get arrested over the weekend, he’ll stop whatever he’s doing and record a brand new monologue even if he doesn’t have time to get dressed.

“The grand jury was out today. No indictment was handed down against Donald Trump,” Kimmel said. “They decided to push the hearing to tomorrow to give Trump supporters time to iron their confederate flags.”

Kimmel added: “Some of the experts are saying it might not happen until next week. Now I’ll tell you something, if this happens on Saturday, and you’re with me on this, Guillermo – so help me God, I will run into this studio and do a monologue in my bathrobe. I don’t care if there’s anyone here. I’ll just be alone with no lights on talking to this not-working camera.”

“He’s been telling people he’s excited about the idea of getting paraded in front of the cameras like it’s the red carpet at some kind of Guilty People’s Choice Awards or something,” Kimmel continueed. “He’s also saying he specifically wants to get handcuffed behind his back. Which weirdly, this is the same request he had for Stormy Daniels when he got into this mess.”

Trump is currently under investigation by the Manhattan district attorney for alleged hush money payments he made to Daniels. New York prosecutors are investigating the $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels, which happened days before the 2016 election by Trump’s then-attorney, Michael Cohen, in order to prevent her from going public with her allegations of a 2006 affair with Trump, which he has long denied.

Kimmel continued to pile on with his jokes and said Trump wants to make a spectacle out of being arrested.

“He’s been even asking friends if he should smile when he gets arrested. He’s been asking friends if he should smile, and Melania’s been debating whether she should play ‘Party in the USA’ or ‘Celebration’ by Kool & The Gang,” Kimmel said.

Kimmel added: “They’re putting a lot of thought into this. Trump’s even putting a lot of thought into his perp walk.”

Kimmel then showed the audience various video clips of Trump walking – most of which were embarrassing. Click the video above to watch Trump’s possible “perp walks” and see Kimmel’s entire monologue.