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Kimmel Mocks Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene for Censorship Attempts: ‘I Made Fun of OJ 1,000 Times, He Hasn’t Tried to Kill Me’ (Video)

The late night host riffed on reports that the former president tried to get Disney to curb jokes about him

Jimmy Kimmel gleefully addressed Rolling Stone’s report that in 2018, Trump pressured ABC parent Disney to get the network to stop airing jokes at his expense.

“In other words, President Karen demanded to speak with my manager,” the late night host said on Monday night’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

He got in an extra jab at two of the former president’s sons: “You’d think the guy who fathered Eric and Don Jr. would know how to handle jokes, but I guess not.”

Kimmel shared his disbelief that the first time Trump tried to get someone to stop talking about him on television, it was him. He added, “Usually, when he wants somebody to stop talking about them, he pays them $130,000.”

While Trump attempted to muzzle the comedian through the White House and Disney, Kimmel noted that one Republican representative did the same thing by calling the police on him: Marjorie Taylor Greene.

After unleashing a torrent of his favorite nicknames for Trump – “Tanny Soprano,” “Mar-a-Lardo,” “The Hydroxy Horror Picture Show” and “Grab-Ass Grandpa,” to name a few – Kimmel roasted the politicians for not being able to take a joke.

“I made fun of OJ a thousand times, he hasn’t tried to kill me once,” he joked.

It was deeply hypocritical behavior, Kimmel pointed out, coming from someone who makes fun of everyone from disabled journalists and prisoners of war to his opponents and family members.

“But if I point out that he’s so fat they renamed the plane Air Force Wonder Bread, I’m the bad guy?” he said. “Maybe this is why he and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms: She was laughing too hard at my monologue at night.”

“Jokes aside,” Kimmel slammed Trump for the “blatant abuse of power.” Fox News is “always screaming about censoring comedians,” he added. “Will they defend me on this? I doubt it.”

Watch Kimmel’s full monologue above.