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Cats and Dogs: Puppy Bowl Rolls Over Kitten Bowl in Ratings

Animal Planet’s dogs refuse to play dead

Dogs rule and cats drool — at least on Super Bowl LI Sunday.

More than three times as many humans watched Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XIII” than watched Hallmark’s “Kitten Bowl IV.” A tail (spelling intended) of two fake football games, indeed.

“Puppy Bowl” totaled 2.5 million viewers — that’s nearly 3.6 times the audience the feline version adopted.

The Kitten Bowl cozied up to 704,000 total viewers, down a little less than 7 percent versus 2016’s special. As TheWrap reported Tuesday, Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl XIII” rose 12 percent from its own prior iteration.

To be fair, “Puppy Bowl” is more established and on the bigger cable channel. Plus, the kitties at least stopped their bleeding (sorry for the decidedly un-adorable visual) a year ago: the third-ever “Kitten Bowl” lost almost 42 percent of its audience from 2015 to 2016. Hiss.

Oh by the way, the actual Super Bowl, played by some humans and Hawks, hauled in like 111 million viewers.