Kristen Welker’s Trump Interview Is a ‘Red Flag’ for Her Tenure – but the Problem Goes Beyond ‘Meet The Press’ | Analysis

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Experts tell TheWrap that the media still hasn’t figured out how to interview Trump, as evidenced by the new host’s disastrous sit-down


Kristen Welker received a cacophony of criticism for the execution of her “Meet the Press” debut interview with former President Donald Trump. But media analysts say while the interview was a failure for Welker, it also doesn’t bode well for future media coverage of Trump as he runs for president once again.

The interview on Sunday morning was full of lies from the former president, which was anticipated. What was surprising to many was the lack of effort by Welker and NBC to effectively fact-check Trump and his egregious attempts to avoid the truth, something experts say needs to be rectified to avoid media mistakes from coverage of Trump’s run for president in 2016.