How One LA Arthouse Theater Escaped the Cinerama Dome’s Fate

The Lumiere Music Hall is up and running again after coming within hours of closing for good earlier this year

Los Angeles’ film community is still crossing its fingers that the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood might be able to find a second life, but just a few miles away, another historic cinema, the Lumiere Music Hall, is back up and running after nearly joining the Dome on the list of institutions knocked out by the pandemic.

As recently as February, operators Peter Ambrosio, Lauren Brown and Luis Orellana were on the verge of giving up the theater, but are now among hundreds of cinema owners that have enjoyed a rapid reopening process in Los Angeles thanks to plummeting COVID infection rates. The story of the Lumiere’s survival is similar to thousands of theaters owners nationwide, filled with frantic phone calls, hours of number-crunching, a labyrinth of government aid programs, and just some good, old-fashioned luck.

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Jeremy Fuster

Box Office Reporter • • Twitter: @jeremyfuster