Larry David Says Bruce Springsteen ‘Absolutely’ Improvised Explicit Line on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Finale

The show’s creator and star says the singer is one of the best improv actors the series has seen

Larry David (Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)
Larry David (Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Much to the delight of fans, Bruce Springsteen is back on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for the show’s series finale tonight. On Saturday, Susie Essman and David spoke about Springsteen’s appearance on the show at the HBO & Tribeca Film’s “An Evening With Larry David” event. David told the audience that the singer “absolutely” improvised one line in particular: “I didn’t make you out for a floor f—er, Larry.”

Essman then added, “What you want from an improviser is they surprise you.” The pair both agreed that Springsteen is one of the show’s best improvisers, and Essman explained, “Sometimes it works the other way. Sometimes people you think are going to be great, not so much.”

Springsteen’s return came after he first appeared in the episode “Ken/Kendra.” The episode’s plot centered around the singer contracting COVID-19 from David after the latter kept switching around the pair’s drinking glasses. Coming down with the virus forced Springsteen to cancel a series of upcoming shows, something that also happened last year in real life after he really came down with the illness.

Springsteen returned to the road in March when he took the stage in Phoenix, Arizona.

The series finale for “Curb Your Enthusiasm” has drawn comparisons to the end of “Seinfeld.” In the latter, the show’s four main characters were tried and sent to prison after violating a small town’s “duty to rescue” law (referred to as a “good Samaritan” law in dialogue). In “Curb,” David is on trial in Georgia, where he is accused of violating the state’s Election Integrity Act.

When asked if he hoped the show’s finale would serve as “redemption” for the “Seinfeld” ender, David, who was a co-creator of the series, was blunt. “Yeah, like I care,” he replied.

At the time, the series finale of “Seinfeld” was one of the most hyped episodes of TV ever. Despite the anticipation, or perhaps because of it, the result was a miss with audiences and critics alike. The finale has been consistently ranked among the worst of all time ever since.


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