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Lauren Boebert Says Student Relief Plan Funds ‘Lesbian Dance Theory,’ Activates Trolls: ‘I Need to Change My Major NOW’

”‘Lesbian dance theory’ adds that frisson of bigotry that really excites your basic semi-fascist,“ one user tweeted

Lauren Boebert’s jesting that President Joe Biden’s student-debt forgiveness funds “Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory” has the Twitter trolls coming out of the woodwork.

“The ‘dance theory’ trope is routinely silly and philistine. ‘Lesbian dance theory’ adds that frisson of bigotry that really excites your basic semi-fascist,” one user tweeted.

The backlash comes after the Republican representative from Colorado criticized Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Committee fundraiser in Maryland last week, saying Saturday, “How the heck could Joe Biden call America First conservatives a threat to democracy with a straight face and a dry diaper?”

“He’s the one who has allowed millions to invade our southern border,” she said in an interview with Fox News’ “Hannity.” “He’s the one who is robbing hardworking Americans to pay for Karen’s daughter’s degree in lesbian dance theory.” (No, lesbian dance theory isn’t a real major but rather a blanket term used to describe degrees that have no perceived value in the real-world workplace or in society.)

Film producer Jeremy Newberger used the remarks to clap back against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, tweeting, “You know as soon as Lauren Boebert uttered the words Lesbian Dance Theory, Ron DeSantis drew up legislation to remove it from Florida schools, and GOP super PACs kicked in a s— ton of money.”

Some users embraced the ridiculousness of Boebert’s comments, as one asked, “Where does one take lesbian dance theory classes? Asking for a friend…” and another noted, “somewhere out there, right as we speak, someone is choreographing lesbian dance moves for us on TikTok, and I personally cannot wait.”

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