Laurie Strode Is Coming for Michael Myers in ‘Halloween Kills’ Trailer

David Gordon Green’s sequel to the John Carpenter classic arrives Oct. 15, 2021

“I’m coming for you Michael,” vows Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode in the latest “Halloween Kills” trailer.

We’ll have to wait until this Halloween to see the follow-up to the rebooted “Halloween” directed by David Gordon Green, as the second installment in the new horror franchise was pushed back from a 2020 release to this October due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’ll then be followed by “Halloween Ends,” which will arrive in 2022. Talk about scary.

This new footage shows Michael Myers bursting out from the fire which apparently engulfed him at the end of the last “Halloween” movie. He unleashes mayhem on the poor firefighters who showed up to put out the fire.

“Evil dies tonight,” says Strode in the trailer.

Green wrote the film with Danny McBride and Scott Teems all based on the slasher horror classic from John Carpenter back in 1978.


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