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Lawrence O’Donnell Livid FBI ‘Inclined to Believe Trump’ Before Raid: ‘In What Decade Could That Sentence Be Written?’ (Video)

The ”Last Word“ host says he couldn’t believe what he read in Wednesday’s Washington Post report

A Wednesday report from The Washington Post uncovered that FBI agents and the Department of Justice colluded in 2022 over the ongoing criminal investigation into Donald Trump, with some members of the former government body arguing that they were “inclined to believe” the former president’s innocence.

Hosting “The Last Word” on MSNBC Wednesday, Lawrence O’Donnell was all but rendered speechless, visibly shocked and livid at the presumed hypocrisy that “FBI agents who were screened for aptitude in detecting truth were ‘inclined to believe Trump.'”

“In what decade could that sentence possibly be written?” O’Donnell said, aghast, emphasizing that it “may be the single most astonishing sentence ever written that includes the words ‘FBI agents’ and ‘Trump.'”

The news channel host then recounted some highlights from Trump’s storied career of lies, going all the way back to the 1970s when he and his father were subject to “a federal civil rights investigation by the Justice Department … when the Trump company’s racist practices got them dragged into court in New York.” Or how about 2011 “when Trump started publicly lying about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. What FBI agent would believe that guy?”

Or even looking to the Post’s previous investigations into the Trump presidency, which “methodically chronicled 30,573 public lies told by Trump during his presidency. That doesn’t include all of the lies Trump has told about the presidential election after he left office and all the other lies Trump has told after her left office. Those same FBI agents have heard every one of those lies, and they were ‘inclined to believe Trump.'”

The Post’s Wednesday report indicates that the friction dates back to June 2022, when the FBI advised the DOJ to closet down their criminal investigation on June 3 – which especially frustrated O’Donnell, considering what’s known today in hindsight.

“If those FBI agents got their way, Donald Trump would still have in his possession in Florida more than 100 classified records, 18 of them top secret, along with thousands of pages of government documents that were seized two months later with a search warrant that those same FBI agents argued against,” O’Donnell said.

Watch the full “Last Word” segment in the video above.