‘Legend of Tarzan’ First Trailer: Alexander Skarsgard Swings Shirtless for Margot Robbie (Video)

Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson also appear in David Yates’ take on the jungle king

The first full trailer for “The Legend of Tarzan” has hit the web, featuring a shirtless Alexander Skarsgard on a mission to scoop up Margot Robbie, as Jane, a decade after they left their African home behind.

Images of the “True Blood” hunk’s mud-soaked abs got social media excited late Tuesday night, but the trailer offers plot depth on top of all the eye candy.

Director David Yates serves up gorgeous tracking shots of Skarsgard moving from vine-to-vine, as well as glimpses at the A-list supporting stars including Oscar winner Christoph Waltz — playing the evil Belgian Captain Rom — and Samuel L. Jackson as George Washington Williams.

The jungle crowd includes a jacked Djimon Hounsou (Chief Mbonga) with a band of CGI primates so convincing they could’ve walked out of “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.”

The trailer for the action adventure is not without its laughs. Waltz, donning the high-end Panama hat that any villain would in a film like this, says to Robbie: “You’re Jane. He’s Tarzan. He will come.”

Watch the clip here, and as an added bonus, gaze upon Skarsgard’s Tarzan enjoying his own civilized moment sipping some tea.

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