Lil Tay Returns to Social Media, Says Dad and Stepmom Abused Her

The YouTube star makes the allegations in her first social appearance since a hoax saying she’d died, which she says her father orchestrated

Lily Tay (Instagram)

Lil Tay, whose real name is Tay Tian, addressed allegations she’s made against her father Saturday on Instagram Live, stating that she suffered abuse at the hands of him and her stepmom. Tian began the stream performing music, but eventually went into extensive details on what she alleges her dad, Chris Hope, and his partner did to her.

Tian’s father, stepmom, and her stepmother’s son physically abused Tian, she said. Among other claims, Tian also alleged that she was fed “rotten, frozen, parasitic, moldy” food by her dad and stepmom and shared photos on the Instagram Live stream.

She said that her dad got mad that her mom started dropping fresh lunches at her school, telling Tian that if she continued doing that, he would “continue to deduct child support.”

Attorneys for Tian’s mother have “successfully obtained” court orders to help Tian advance her career. They say that Tian’s father owes $275,000 in back child support, including monthly support payments, and that Tian’s mother should be the only parent entitled to sign contracts for the performer.

“Chris Hope has a history, before I was even born, before I was at his residence, with his wife, and they were abusing me, he was abusing my mom,” Tian said. “He was a domestic abuser. I witnessed him shoving my mom into walls and punching her.”

Tian said that Hope also abused her brother when he tried to defend their mom.

Tian said that she was traumatized by her dad forcing her to watch horror film “Bride of Chucky” and that Tian alleged that her stepmom put her in a chokehold so she couldn’t escape.

To close her stream, Tian said, “Biggest takeaway: my mom has always been supportive of me. We have both been abused by Christopher John Hope, my abusive absentee father. He is not the f–king good guy here.

“He wanted control over my career and my money,” she added,” and I had to go through, me and my family had to go through, even more years of abuse through the court system because of him. By the end, we won, I am free now. I thank God every day for it, I thank my mom for it.”

“She spent all of her life savings to support me, and we won,” Tian said. “Last thing is I want to really, to all the people that have supported me and have checked up on me, it means so much to me and I am forever grateful and I love you guys … it’s been a tough five years, but I’m free now. I just dropped my music video. I’m ready to move on, we are done with this.”

Ahead of her Live, Tian had posted the music video for her song “Sucker 4 Green.”

Earlier in the stream, the singer alleged that Hope is racist and tried to get custody of her because her mom was “letting me associate with Black and Hispanic people in the entertainment industry.”

Tian also showed photos of shoes with holes of them and said her dad and stepmom also didn’t properly clothe her.

The performer said that her dad would hook up with various women and that he would meet women from Craigslist. Her dad met Tian’s stepmom online while she lived in the Philippines, according to Tian, adding that he gave her Chanel bags and luxury trips.

Hope has denied several of his daughter’s claims.

Fans were left stunned and confused when Tian’s social media accounts first announced her death on Aug. 10 and then clarified that she was still alive the following day.

On the Instagram Live stream, Tian said that her dad was behind the hoax and was working with a “con artist” who’d said he was her manager, blaming the press for not doing better fact-checking. She added that her dad and stepmother’s plan was to fake her death and then promote a crypto coin.

Tian previously accused her father of orchestrating false reports of her death and of being abusive, announcing her intention to go live on Instagram.

Tian also took shots at the press and said that she’s never had a manager, despite claims by others to the contrary, and that people had been exploiting her name for clout. On Sept. 28, Tian’s management announced that she is now in control of her own social media accounts — or at least, people who appeared to be her management. In an email sent to TheWrap, they explained, “The posts coming from Lil Tay’s social media accounts this week are in fact her doing, and videos of her at the airport are real.”

The statement was shared after Tian had seemingly disappeared in 2018. She was spotted along with her mother and brother traveling through Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday.

Her management also explained, “In light of recent events, we want to be transparent and cooperative with everyone to avoid false information and inaccurate reporting. Lil Tay’s court battle with her absentee father is over. It has taken a toll on her mental well-being and impacted her financially, as her father has still not paid substantial expenses ordered by the court.”

The statement continued, “Her return to Los Angeles is a huge step in the right direction and she can now pursue her career on her terms and start a new life. She has full control over her social media accounts now and is excited to share who she really is. She has full control over her social media accounts now and is excited to share who she really is.”

Tian first began her Live by playing piano, then performing two songs on guitar, including “Hotel California” by The Eagles and “Master of Puppets” by Metallica. She then dove into the allegations against her father and stemother.


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