Lili Reinhart Lives 2 Different Lives in ‘Look Both Ways’ Trailer (Video)

The Netflix film arrives August 17

“Look Both Ways” star Lili Reinhart experiences a life-changing moment on the night she graduates college in the trailer Netflix released Tuesday for the feature film.

The movie will also star “Top Gun: Maverick” star Danny Ramirez and Luke Wilson as Reinhart’s father. 

“Have you ever wondered ‘what if?’” Reinhart’s voiceover says at the beginning of the trailer. “What if I’d moved to that city? Gone to another school? Or considered hooking up with that one friend?”

Natalie sleeps with her close friend Gabe (Ramirez) instead of studying for finals, and her best friend (Aisha Dee) gets her pregnancy tests when she doesn’t feel well a week later. That fateful night, her narrative splits into two different branches: one where she gets pregnant and keeps the baby and one where she doesn’t — the nausea just comes from some gas station sushi.

“Experience one woman’s life drawn in two different directions,” reads the trailer text.

Natalie has dreamed of working in animation since starting college, and in the life where she doesn’t get pregnant, she lands a job with Lucy Galloway (Nia Long) and meets her L.A. love (David Corenswet). In the life where she keeps her and Gabes baby, she moves back home to Austin, Texas, and raises their child without becoming romantically involved with Gabe. Both versions of her narrative come with their own ups and downs.

“Look Both Ways” will begin exclusively streaming August 17 on Netflix.