Lindsey Graham Booed Off Stage by Trump Supporters at Hometown Rally: ‘You Want to Find Something in Common?’ (Video)

The South Carolina crowd drowns out Graham’s six-minute speech sharing his commitment to the former President

lindsey graham
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Lindsey Graham was booed by Trump supporters at a rally for the former President that took place Saturday in Pickens, South Carolina, the county in which Graham grew up.

The crowd started showing their discontent for the Republican lawmaker before he even took the stage, booing his walk up to the platform in downtown Pickens.

The booing continued as Graham thanked the crowd for showing up, and did not tamper down when he asked the crowd, “Well, you want to find something in common?” Attempting to find a break between the boos and “We want Trump” chants, Graham asked the group to “Calm down for a second,” as he recited a brief history of Pickens County.

The heckling continued for the entirety of his six-minute speech, only pausing when Graham asked a question bound to replace the boos with cheers.

“How many of you believe that Donald Trump was a great president?” Graham asked, which was unsurprisingly met with several excited cheers as some audience members began chanting “Trump!”

“So let me tell you a little bit about me and President Trump,” Graham continued. “What happened? I found common ground with President Trump. It took a while to get there, folks, but let me tell you what happened. I’ve come to like President Trump, and he likes himself, and we got that in common. And I’m going to help him become President of the United States.”

While some booing let up at the mention of the former President’s chances at the 2024 election, the crowd maintained their jeering at Graham, with one audience member yelling “two-faced” at the senator.

Graham continued his speech by acknowledging the different perspectives within the Republican party, noting that the way to win an election is to “get people together that don’t agree all of the time to agree on the most important things.”

“My hope is we can bring this party together ’cause he’s gonna be our nominee,” Graham said. “There’s one person running for president as a Republican that has the ability to change this country. It is Donald J. Trump. He did it once, he can do it again. I’m gonna help him all over this country, and folks, I am from South Carolina. He is gonna win South Carolina. This is the pathway to the presidency. God bless you all. God bless President Trump. God bless America.”