Pete Buttigieg Slams Ron DeSantis’ Anti-LGBTQ Ad: ‘Trying to Prove Your Manhood’ With ‘Oiled Up, Shirtless Bodybuilders’ (Video)

“I’m gonna choose my words carefully,” the Secretary of Transportation begins

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg took aim at Ron DeSantis’ latest attack ad against Donald Trump on CNN on Sunday, throwing in a pointed jab about the “strangeness” of the Florida governor splicing images of himself “in between oiled-up, shirtless bodybuilders.”

Republican presidential hopeful DeSantis released a video on Friday attacking Trump for the former president’s pro-LGBTQ stances and policies in the past, which then cuts together “hero” images of DeSantis alongside “manly” images that include, for some reason, bodybuilders, Brad Pitt in “Troy” (twice), Leonardo DiCaprio in “Wolf of Wall Street” and Christian Bale as psychopathic serial killer Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho.”

While appearing on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Buttigieg was asked for his reaction to the ad, and he didn’t hold back.

“I’m gonna choose my words carefully, partly because I’m appearing as Secretary so I can’t talk about campaigns,” Buttigieg began. “And I’m going to leave aside the strangeness of trying to prove your manhood by putting up a video that splices images of you in between oiled-up, shirtless bodybuilders and just get to the bigger issue that is on my mind whenever I see this stuff in the policy space, which is, again, who are you trying to help? Who are you trying to make better off and what public policy problems do you get up in the morning thinking about how to solve?”

Buttigieg, who ran for president in the 2020 race before being tapped as Transportation Secretary, discussed a few tangible examples of how the Biden administration has been working to make American lives better, pointing out the contrast to DeSantis’ campaign platform which has focused largely on attacking liberals and the LGBTQ community personally.

“These are the kinds of problems that most of us got into government politics and public service in order to work on, and I just don’t understand the mentality of somebody who gets up in the morning thinking that he’s going to prove his worth by competing over who can make life hardest for a hard-hit community that is already so vulnerable in America.”

The LGBTQ community was dealt a blow last week when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Christian web designer who refuses to create websites for same-sex weddings. The state of Colorado had said her statement refusing to design websites for same-sex couples was against the law, but the Supreme Court’s decision overrules that. The 6-3 decision limits LGBTQ protections across the country.

You can watch DeSantis’ attack ad below.