‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode Release Schedule: When Do New Episodes Air?

Maya Rudolph, Michael Jaé Rodriguez, Joel Kim Booster and more return in new installments of the Apple TV+ comedy

Meagen Fay, Stephanie Styles, Maya Rudolph, Joel Kim Booster and Michaela Jaé Rodriguez in "Loot." (Apple TV+)

Maya Rudolph, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, Joe Kim Booster and more are back for more billionaire shenanigans for Season 2 of “Loot.”

Rudolph stars as ultra-rich divorcée Molly Wells in the ensemble comedy from creators Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard. Season 1 ended with a bold promise from Molly, who pledged to be an example to other billionaires and donate all of her money to helping humanity. The new season finds Molly and the staff of her charitable foundation doing their best to turn that promise into a reality — often to hilarious results.

As the show introduced the dynamic between Molly and her colleagues in Season 1, as well as her various personal relationships, the new episodes comfortably establish “Loot” as a laugh-out-loud ensemble comedy ready to provide a dose of light and silliness with every installment.

Look below for a full breakdown of the “Loot” Season 2 release schedule:

When does “Loot” Season 2 premiere?

The Apple TV+ comedy series returns for a 10-episode second season on Wednesday, April 3.

What time are new episodes streaming on Apple TV+?

New episodes will premiere on Wednesdays at midnight ET/9 p.m. PT on Apple TV+.

Are episodes released weekly or all at once?

“Loot” Season 2 is set to drop its first two episodes on April 3, followed by new installments weekly through May 29. Here’s the full release schedule:

  • Episode 1: Wednesday, April 3
  • Episode 2: Wednesday, April 3
  • Episode 3: Wednesday, April 10
  • Episode 4: Wednesday, April 17
  • Episode 5: Wednesday, April 24
  • Episode 6: Wednesday, May 1
  • Episode 7: Wednesday, May 8
  • Episode 8: Wednesday, May 15
  • Episode 9: Wednesday, May 22
  • Episode 10 (finale): Wednesday, May 29

Who is in the “Loot” cast?

“Loot” stars Maya Rudolph as Molly Wells, Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Sofia, Joel Kim Booster as Nicholas, Ron Funches as Howard and Nat Faxon as Arthur. Recurring stars include Adam Scott as John Novak, Meagen Fay as Rhonda and Stephanie Styles as Ainsley. Benjamin Bratt, O-T Fagbenle and Ana Gasteyer are set to guest star in Season 2.

What is “Loot” about?

After becoming a billionaire in her own right following her divorce, Molly Wells (Maya Rudolph) turns to the staff of her charitable foundation to find a purpose for all her riches, and for her own life. Lead by Sofia (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez), Molly embarks on a journey to use her influence to make the world a better place. Season 2 finds her and the team working to turn her fortune into a way to help improve society overall.

Watch the trailer:


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