New Dodgers Uniforms Strike Out With Fans: ‘Should’ve Been Los Doyers’

The design is intended to pay homage to the team’s Latino fanbase

los dodgers
Los Angeles Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers organization was expecting a home run with its new “Los Dodgers” jerseys, intended to pay homage to the team’s heavily Latino fanbase. But if you ask some Angelenos, they didn’t even manage to get on base. 

The Boys in Blue debuted their new threads on social media Thursday ahead of this weekend’s home games against the New York Mets, along with a splashy promotional video playing up the team’s importance within the local Latino community. 

“The Dodgers sought to celebrate their culture of baseball, which is heavily connected and influenced by Los Angeles’ Latino community,” Nike senior creative director Wil Green told the Los Angeles Times.

However, some fans said the new uniforms are missing a few letters (and a major opportunity). That’s because Latino fans have referred to the team as “Los Doyers,” not “Los Dodgers,” for decades. In fact, “Los Doyers” has graced countless pieces of unlicensed merchandise, and Nike integrating the already-popular phrase into the new uniforms seemed like a no-brainer. Even stranger, according to the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office records, the Dodgers hold the trademark to “Los Doyers.” 

The Dodgers and the athletic apparel company have yet to comment thus far. 

The uniforms are part of Nike’s  “City Connect” initiative, with designs aimed at reflecting a team’s link to its home city. For instance, the San Francisco Giants featured the Golden Gate Bridge and the city’s famous fog on their City Connect uniforms, while the Boston Red Sox dressed in blue and yellow in honor of the Boston Marathon.

Besides the updated text, the new Dodgers designs feature blue jerseys and blue pants, a first in the franchise’s 138-year history, as well as a spray paint splash at the end of each sleeve, a nod to the fan-made murals throughout the city.  

Aesthetics (and intentions) aside, fans aren’t thrilled with “Los Dodgers.” Check out some of their reactions below. 

Looks like “Los Doyers” fans will have to get used to those extra letters for the time being. Nike has said the Dodgers and other teams would “keep and wear their City Connect design for several seasons.”


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