CBS Orders ‘Lotería Loca’ Game Show Hosted by ‘Jane the Virgin’ Star Jaime Camil

He will also executive produce the series, based on popular Mexican bingo

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CBS on Thursday announced a series order for “Lotería Loca,” a competitive game show based on the popular Mexican version of bingo, to be hosted by “Jane the Virgin” star Jaime Camil.

Camil will also executive produce the unscripted series, in which contestants will compete for a cash prize after facing unexpected challenges and surprise obstacles.

“I grew up playing Lotería with my family and friends back in México. I could say, without a shadow of a doubt, that every single Mexican family owned (and still owns) a Lotería game,” Camil said. “Even though this board game, which is similar to bingo, is still played and owned by millions of people around the globe, it’s something that resonates even more with every single Latinx person, because it helps connect with our heritage and emotional memories.” 

Each episode will watch two players face off, taking turns picking cards to get four-in-a-row, or a Lotería. The appearance of a card on the players’ unique style bingo cards pays big dividends. Twists and turns spring up when a player lands on one of the “Loca Cards.” The wild, interactive surprise scenarios provide the opportunity to win even more cash.

“There are restaurants, clothes, accessories, etc, all with Lotería designs; I mean, it’s just massive!” Camil added. “As a Mexican American, it means the world to be producing, alongside game show-producing legend Jeff Apploff, and hosting a show that will entertain and connect so powerfully with everyone in the U.S., but especially because it will resonate tremendously with an underserved audience.”

With the objective of getting the most “Loterías” on their board the fastest, the winner moves on to the dramatic final round for a chance to win the ultimate show cash prize.

“As soon as the Unscripted team and I heard the pitch from Jaime and the producers, we were immediately sold on LOTERÍA LOCA,” said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment. “This is a fresh new take on the game show format and a fun lively addition to our lineup. Jaime Camil’s incredible charisma and passion for this project make him the perfect host to engage viewers and bring this show to life.”