Louis C.K. Among Hollywood Voices Asking TMZ to Take Down Tracy Morgan Crash Video

Daughter of Ardie Fuqua, who is seen being pulled from the crash in the video, took to Instagram to ask the site to take down the footage

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After TMZ posted a video of the crash that killed comedian James McNair and critically injured Tracy Morgan and three others, Louis C.K. and several other celebrities started asking the site to take it down via Twitter.

They are following the lead of Krizya Fuqua, the daughter of Ardie Fuqua, one of the men injured in the crash. The video shows her father being pulled unconscious from the wreckage.

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Krizya took to Instagram, petitioning TMZ to take down the graphic video. “They don’t understand how hurtful it is to see my father be dragged out of the wreckage,” she wrote. “I understand people want to know and people want to be updated, but enough is enough … No one should see my father this way.”

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Louis C.K. wrote several posts, encouraging his follows not to watch the video on TMZ, and to ask that the site remove it. “Arte’s brave daughter asked them to take it down. They won’t,” he wrote.

Others followed suit, from ordinary people to journalists to other Hollywood celebrities.