WE tv’s ‘After Lockup’ Franchise Has Locked Up Lots of Ratings Love

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TV viewers are in love with WE tv’s hit series “Love After Lockup,” which ends its third season tonight, and its spinoff series “Life After Lockup.” It just took them one (relatively short) season to figure that out.

From the seven-episode Season 1 to the 14-episode start to Season 2 (dubbed 2A), “Love After Lockup’s” overall audience soared 77%, from an average of 663,000 viewers per episode to 1.174 million, according to Nielsen’s Live + 3 Day data. The franchise has been a pretty steady performer since then, which makes it an outlier — in a good way — in the current TV-viewing landscape where most shows see a steady erosion of audience over time.

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Tony Maglio

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