‘Love Is Blind’ Live Reunion: Vanessa Lachey Blasted for Remarks About Contestants Having Babies: ‘Nauseating to Watch’

Viewers are calling for the co-host and her husband Nick Lachey to be fired from the Netflix reality show

Nick and Vanessa Lachey host the Love Is Blind Season 4 reunion (Photo credit: Netflix)

The problems surrounding the “Love is Blind” live reunion are only growing. After Sunday night’s live reunion special was delayed, fans have taken to social media to criticize hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey. People who managed to catch the reunion are calling the married couple “terrible hosts.” Some are even demanding for them to be fired.

Viewers have said the couple has “no chemistry with the cast” and that they’re “terrible hosts.” One user even said that “Netflix should be EMBARRASSED [sic]” for the special. Though both Lacheys are being criticized, Vanessa, who spoke more than her husband during the reunion, has received the brunt of the criticism. Fans and contestants alike are calling her biased. Viewers are enraged that Vanessa Lachey seemingly sided with Jackelina Bonds, who was in a love triangle with Marshall Glaze and Josh Demas. Similarly cast member Paul Peden said that Lachey had a “personal bias” against him when it came to his relationship with Micah Lussier. “I was like, ‘F–k man.’ They kept drilling, drilling it down on me,’” Peden told ET.

But the biggest source of criticism has to do with Vanessa Lachey asking the “Love is Blind” married couples about their plans for children. Viewers have criticized Lachey for her “weird baby obsession” and called out the comments as cringeworthy. One user even implied that these remarks were insensitive, considering how delicate the topics of motherhood and fertility can be.

Netflix and representatives for Vanessa Lachey did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Someone even created a Change.org petition to fire Vanessa Lachey from “Love is Blind.” One tweet that has received over 17,000 likes suggested that the married couple should be replaced by Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton — a fan favorite couple that got married way back in Season 1.

This is far from the only drama surrounding this reunion. The 13th episode of “Love Is Blind” was supposed to premiere on Sunday, April 16. Yet after several delays, Netflix abandoned its planned live debut and instead prerecorded the reunion. Some fans were able to catch the livestream on Sunday night. But the delayed episode only became available to all Netflix subscribers Monday — nearly half a day after the special’s planned premiere.

The special is now streaming on Netflix.