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‘Lucifer’ Had a Hell of a Start to Season 5B, According to Nielsen’s Streaming Ratings

Tom Ellis drama draws 1.3 billion minutes of viewing during the week of May 24

“Lucifer” put up some “holy crap” numbers for Netflix the week of its Season 5B launch, according to Nielsen.

The Tom Ellis-led drama drew 1.3 billion minutes of viewing the week of May 24, according to the ratings currency company’s SVOD rankings for that week, which were released Thursday. And the second half of “Lucifer’s” fifth season didn’t premiere until May 28, so that impressive tally can’t be attributed to time spent watching those new episodes until the final three days of the week. Yeah, that’s a hell of a good start.

Netflix has not disclosed its internal viewership data for the Season 5B premiere of “Lucifer.”

Readers can find TheWrap’s interview with the “Lucifer” showrunners about the Season 5B finale here.

In a distant second to “Lucifer” for the rankings between May 24-May 30 was Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead,” also a Netflix title. The film, which premiered May 21, was watched for 786 million minutes during that time span, according to Nielsen.

Up third was “Grey’s Anatomy” (633 million minutes watched) and in fourth was “Criminal Minds” (616 million minutes watched). Both of those shows got their streaming numbers as library titles on Netflix.

Below are Nielsen’s Top 10 from May 24 through May 30 2021, ranked by minutes viewed.

Lucifer (Netflix): 1.284 billion minutes viewed
Army of the Dead (Netflix): 786 million minutes viewed
Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix): 633 million minutes viewed
Criminal Minds (Netflix): 616 million minutes viewed
Startup (Netflix): 547 million minutes viewed
Cocomelon (Netflix): 543 million minutes viewed
NCIS (Netflix): 525 million minutes viewed
The Kominsky Method (Netflix): 495 million minutes viewed
Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous (Netflix): 470 million minutes viewed
Home (Netflix): 449 million minutes viewed

Currently, Nielsen’s SVOD Content Ratings measure programs on streaming platforms Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix.

Nielsen launched its weekly Top 10 streaming show rankings in September 2020, beginning with results for the week of Aug. 3. In February, the company moved away from one overall Top 10 list to three separate lists for each week: one for streaming originals series, one for acquired content, and one for movies on streaming.