‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Minus Visual Effects Might Blow Your Mind (Video)

The vehicular carnage is beautiful even when it hasn’t been digitally gussied up

In the current age of Hollywood, in which CGI dominates the blockbuster landscape, “Mad Max: Fury Road” was a breath of fresh air for many because it used more on practical effects than digital wizardry. Sure, it’s not like “Fury Road,” which was devoid of digital effects, but it certainly was not the sort of pixel-driven adventure that so many big summer movies are.

To help you understand exactly how physical the fourth “Mad Max” was, eSports TV has put together a sizzle reel of behind-the-scenes footage from the many chase/action sequences in “Fury Road.”

“What you are about to see is real,” the four-minute video, which you can watch above, declares as it opens. “A compilation of pre-production tests, behind-the-scenes video and raw footage from the film. None of these shots have been enhanced with CGI in any way.”

The result is shocking in how complete it appears. It’s not difficult to imagine director George Miller and his many able collaborators pulling off a version of the film sans CGI enhancing the action. There’s always going to be some CGI, though — even your average romantic comedy will have plenty of digital alterations.

Still, for an action movie operating on the scale of “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the fact that it looks this good before CGI is very impressive.


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