‘Madame Web’ Star Isabela Merced Addresses Lack of Spider-Women in Costume: ‘It Wouldn’t Be an Origin Story’ | Video

“I like that it’s a little tease, and I like that it leaves people wanting more,” the actress tells TheWrap

“Madame Web” is now in theaters and, though the three future spider-women at its center do get to suit up as shown in the trailers, it’s not for very long. But, for star Isabela Merced, that was totally fine. For her, it actually made more sense.

Merced stars in Sony’s newest superhero film as Anya Corazon who, in the comics — created by Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, writer Fiona Avery, and artist Mark Brooks — has a number of aliases, including, eventually, Spider-Girl. Merced stars alongside Sydney Sweeney and Celeste O’Connor, who play Julia Cornwall and Mattie Franklin, respectively.

Like Anya, each girl has a future as a superpowered spider-person. In fact, it’s the reason they’re being hunted in “Madame Web” by Ezekiel Sims (Tahar Rahim) and protected by Cassie Webb (Dakota Johnson). Sims has had visions of the trio killing him, and decides to simply kill them first, before they ever get their powers.

And, as it turns out, visions of their future is the only time we actually see Merced, Sweeney and O’Connor in their super suits. It doesn’t bother them though.

Madame Web Costumes
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“When you’re invested enough in the story, it’s like those things don’t really matter. You’re just kind of like, what’s best for the story?” Merced explained to TheWrap. “And I think they did it for a reason, you know? This is supposed to be an origin story. It wouldn’t be an origin story if we saw us in like, half the movie with our suits on.”

She continued, “I like that it’s a little tease, and I like that it leaves people wanting more.”

For O’Connor, the joy of being in “Madame Web” really came down to the human moments the girls have, and how that grounded their characters.

“I think something I love about Mattie is that she’s so honest. She’ll just say whatever is on her mind, and I feel like sometimes she can be the moral compass, or what the audience is thinking,” they said. “And I think that’s so much fun, to play with that honesty in a world that is so supernatural and fantastical.”

Sweeney largely agreed, noting that it was the bond of the trio that really helped her figure out how Julia Cornwall would eventually become Spider-Woman.

“She needed to have those people into her life to help her inform and draw out who she’s going to be,” Sweeney said. “They bring out the strong, better side of her.”

You can watch TheWrap’s full interview with Isabela Merced, Celeste O’Connor and Sydney Sweeney in the video above.

“Madame Web” is in theaters everywhere now.


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