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‘Making a Murderer’ Steven Avery Dumps New Fiancee: ‘She Is a Golddigger’

Avery was set to marry legal secretary Lynn Hartman, he said last week – no more

“Making a Murderer” convict Steven Avery has dumped his new fiancee Lynn Hartman because she “is a golddigger,” Avery’s friend Sandra Greenman wrote on Facebook on his behalf on Saturday.

“I have a statement that I need passed around to groups,” Greenman, herself a previous fiancee of Avery, wrote on Facebook. “Steve called me two times tonight and wants everyone to know that Lynn and him are done. She has been in this relationship for money and publicity. His eyes are finally opened!!! Lynn received at least 5000.00 dollars from Dr Phil, and he thinks more. She got another 1000.00 for doing other shows. She also wanted to be on as many as possible. His words-she is a golddigger. He wants someone to contact Dr Phil before Mon. show annd (sic) let him know she was only in the relationship for money. I checked and doublechecked with him to make very sure he wanted this put on and he said very much so.”

Avery’s niece, Carla Chase, corroborated the story and commented on the Facebook post:

“I had missed a call from Steven this afternoon but yes I had talked to (Avery’s mother) Dolores & got some updates. I just didn’t wanna say anything till Steven called me back. Lynn has actually blocked the prison # from her phone & Steven has not been able to get ahold of her. So please, don’t let her be the victim as she’s trying to play.. saying ‘she’s been waiting for his call’ she has had my home # blocked for weeks.”

An admin of the official family Facebook group who asked not to be identified told TheWrap that Hartman had “been a problem since the beginning … and flip flops faster than anyone I’ve seen.”

“She started this media frenzy, and she’s gotten money from all these different outlets,” the admin added. “But she has blocked his calls and she claims on ‘Dr. Phil’ that he’s not calling her.” The admin did not have a reason why Hartman was blocking Avery’s calls.

Last week, People magazine reported that Avery, currently in prison for the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach, is betrothed to Lynn Hartman, identified as a legal secretary — which might come in handy — from Las Vegas.

The couple had reportedly been dating for eight months, but have met in person only once at the Wisconsin facility where Avery is incarcerated. Meanwhile Greenman was briefly engaged to Avery after his murder conviction in 2007, and remains his friend though the wedding never happened.

Hartman is scheduled to appear on “Dr. Phil” on Oct. 3 and Oct. 4 on CBS, on which Avery called into from prison. The interview has already been taped.

Of the engagement, Avery said on Dr. Phil, “I haven’t been in love my whole life. It’s not the same as the others. Everything is all different with her,” Avery told McGraw. “I want to wait [to marry] until I’m out and I don’t think that’ll be too long; right around the corner.”

Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” chronicled the 2005 murder of Wisconsin photographer Halbach and subsequent trial. Since the documentary’s debut in December of last year, the nation has been split over Avery and Dassey’s guilt. Avery’s lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, has said she is “confident Mr. Avery’s conviction will be vacated when we present the new evidence and results of our work to the appropriate court.” Dassey’s conviction was overturned by a federal judge last month, but the state is appealing that ruling.

TheWrap attempted to contact Hartman on Facebook but has not received a response.