Marjorie Taylor Greene Dragged for Saying Grade School Got $5 Billion to Teach Critical Race Theory: ‘International Embarrassment’

“I want to be mean but I told myself I’d be a better person,” one Twitter user wrote

marjorie taylor greene
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Marjorie Taylor Greene, the personification of your racist aunt’s Facebook feed and the representative for the 14th congressional district in Georgia, is back at it.

This time, during a congressional hearing, she claimed that an Illinois elementary school (which she, of course, didn’t name or offer anymore identifying characteristics for) was awarded $5.1 billion to teach critical race theory, which she called “a racist curriculum used to teach children that somehow their white skin aren’t equal to Black skin.” (It’s actually the study of how the social conceptions of race are shaped by media, politics and preexisting laws.)

Of course, given how outlandish her claim was, Twitter responded appropriately. See some of our favorites below.

YouTuber and author Ward Carroll asked, “Why do I feel like she’s just riffing here?” Twitter user Brandon Baumgartner got in perhaps the best zinger when he said: “That’s what I heard too… Obviously her elementary school didn’t even receive $5.10 to teach basic numbers to her.”

Some of the commentary was a little more … pointed.

We always appreciate a good monorail reference.

Greene has been defined by her ultra-right wing rhetoric, reliance on dangerous conspiracy theories and allegiance to Donald Trump. She’s really done it all – expressed 9/11-was-an-inside-job ideology, aligned herself with QAnon and supported Trump’s attempt to overthrow the government in the wake of the 2020 Presidential Election.