Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She and Trump Are Exploring a 2024 Presidential Ticket (Report)

New York Times writer Robert Draper said MTG mentioned numerous times that talks with Trump are ongoing

Marjorie taylor greene donald trump
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Vice President Marjorie Taylor Greene? According to a New York Times reporter, the Republican representative from Georgia has mentioned to him on several occasions that she is in continuous talks with Donald Trump about being his 2024 running mate if he decides to run.

New York Times Magazine writer Robert Draper confirmed in an interview with The Daily Beast Friday the longstanding rumor that Greene was being considered as a potential running mate for Trump on the Republican ticket.

“The first time Greene had told me that was in February of this year,” Draper told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi on Saturday. “But she, in later conversations I had with her, said that those conversations were, in fact, continuing with Trump. Now, to be fair, Ali, it’s very likely that Trump has had this conversation with half a dozen other people too,” he added with a laugh. Draper cited former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, to name a few.

“But what Greene possesses that Trump so craves is loyalty,” Draper said. “She has always been there for Trump. She has always had his back, and after his experience with his last running mate, Mike Pence, it’s clear that he’s going to prize loyalty above all else, so I wouldn’t count it out. And, in any event, I think it’s significant that this has been a point of dialogue with them for months now.”

Greene has been a constant source of media attention due to her repeating and spreading of conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated claims of 2020 voter fraud and a string of gaffes when speaking in public or on social media.

Most recently, Greene wrote on Truth Social earlier this week, “Tonight, I stopped at the Wilder Monument in Chickamauga, GA, which honors the Confederate soldiers of the Wilder Brigade. I will always defend our nation’s history!” But the Wilder Brigade was the Union army, not the Confederate.