Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the ‘Tinfoil-Hat Brigade,’ Kevin McCarthy a ‘F—ing Weasel B—-,’ Former DC Cop Michael Fanone Says

The former DC Metro officer that was beaten on Jan. 6 and testified before Congress opens up – a lot – to Rolling Stone

Former DC Metro Cop Michael Fanone, Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz
Former DC Metro Cop Michael Fanone, Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz (Getty)

Former DC Metro police officer Michael Fanone isn’t short on words when it comes to some Republicans in Congress who pass off the violent insurrection on Jan. 6 as a normal day of tourist fun at the Capitol. Calling Marjorie Taylor Greene the “tinfoil-hat brigade” and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a “f—ing weasel b—–” is just the start.

Fanone, who on Jan. 6 was beaten with pipe and a Blue Lives Matter flag, tazed on the skull, had a heart attack and now suffers from a traumatic brain injury, sat down with Rolling Stone for a rather lively, uninhibited interview about life after he testified before Congress’ Jan. 6 committee and his opinions of some of the representatives who currently hold office.

It’s safe to say that Fanone is irate about the 21 House Republicans who voted against awarding the Congressional Gold Medal to officers who defended the Capitol. When he got wind of that, he and fellow Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who also testified before Congress, paid every one of those House Republicans a visit.

“I was like, ‘I’ve got nothing better to do today. I’m going to go annoy some people on Capitol Hill,’” he told Rolling Stone. And the flood gates of ire spilled out.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: “Put her in the tinfoil-hat brigade,” Fanone said. Rep from Georgia, Andrew Clyde, “When confronted in person, he f—ing folded like a f—ing deck of cards,” Fanone commented. Rep from Florida, Matt Gaetz: Fanone said, “I mean, dude, there’s a constituency out there somewhere in America that elected Matt Gaetz and decided that guy somehow embodied what it is to be a real red-blooded American. A f—ing pedo. I don’t get it.”

Fanone didn’t stop there. Of Josh Hawley, the Senator from Missouri who flashed a sign of solidarity with the insurrectionists, Fanone said, “I would’ve had more respect for him if he said, ‘Charge,’ and f—ing rushed the first f—ing group of police officers that he could possibly f—ing find. But he didn’t. He ran like a b—- as fast as he f—ing could to the closest safe room in the f—ing Capitol building.”

And, of course, he couldn’t leave out McCarthy, who Fanone goes all-in on in the first chapter of his memoir “Hold the Line,” which is out on Oct. 11.

“I think at night, when the lights are turned off, Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan have some pretty choice words to say about the fact that they have to hang on Kevin McCarthy’s wall,” Fanone said. “They did some f—ing above-average things. And they’ve got to adorn the wall of this f—ing weasel b—- named Kevin McCarthy, with his fake f—ing spray-on tan, whose f—ing claim to fame, at least in my eyes, is the fact that he amassed a collection of Donald Trump’s favorite-flavored Starburst, put them in a Mason jar, and presented them to f—ing Donald Trump. What the f—, dude?”

Fanone thought that the body-cam footage capturing his experience of brutality that day would convince people of “the sickness that’s taken over this country and that we’re Americans and kumbaya and all that s—,” he said. But he came to realize that wasn’t happening.

He told Rolling Stone that he’s “tired of liberals who back the blue only on Jan. 6 and conservatives who back the blue only when it comes to policing people of color” and “tired of being given 47 seconds of airtime to explain how to reform an entire police system.” The conservative media was, shall we say, unkind. Newsmax’s Greg Kelly called him “that drama queen of a cop,” and Fox News’ Laura Ingraham awarded him a trophy for “best performance in an action role.”

And after testifying on July 27, 2021, others in law enforcement turned against him. “After my congressional testimony, the criticism from within the [police] department went from quiet whispers to screams and yells,” Fanone said. He was put in an empty office with nothing to do, until he had enough. One day, last year, he wrote the words “go f— yourselves” on a napkin and handed it in as his resignation. Dec, 31, 2021 was his last day as a police officer.