Marjorie Taylor Greene Razzed for Insisting ‘Fake Meat’ Is Grown in a ‘Peach Tree Dish’

“Did she say ‘grows in a PEACH TREE DISH’?! Is that what gazpacho police eat from in Georgia?” one Twitter user asks

marjorie taylor greene
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First there was “gazpacho” police. Now Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has made another equally as amusing vocabulary flub in an attempt to get across her latest conspiratorial claim about Democrats and “fake meat,” which she says is manufactured in a “peach tree dish.”

On the far-right Georgia congresswoman’s most recent broadcast of “MTG Live,” the streaming broadcast that airs on her social media page, Greene claimed that the government wants “surveillance on every part of your life,” including on when people are eating a cheeseburger.

“Which is very bad because Bill Gates wants you to eat this fake meat that grows in a peach tree dish so you’ll probably get a little zap inside your body that’ll say ‘No, don’t eat a real cheeseburger, you need to eat the fake burger,’” Greene said with conviction.

Although the Crazy Quotient registers in more than one place in that weird comment – a zap placed in the “fake meat” by Bill Gates that gives you a “zap inside” urging you not to eat a cheeseburger, huh? – it was her reference to a “peach tree dish” that had Twitter users laughing at her.

“Did she say ‘grows in a PEACH TREE DISH’?! Is that what gazpacho police eat from in Georgia?” one Twitter user asked, referring to that time Greene meant to compare the police officers on Capitol Hill to the brutal Nazi police force (the Gestapo) but instead called them the “gazpacho,” which is a cold soup.

Of course, her “peach tree” faux pas immediately had the brighter-than-MTG critics rushing to social media to point out that it is petri dish — the little shallow glass dish that scientists use to grow cells – and not peach tree dish.

“We actually have a peach tree dish hanging on the wall,” another tweeted. “I wonder if it works — we haven’t tried growing fake meat in it yet.”

And the mocking was endless. Here are just a fraction of the comments.

Despite all the mockery, Greene is headed to an easy re-election in her rural congressional district northwest of Atlanta, where she coasted in her primary this past Tuesday with over 72,000 votes. That’s more than three times the votes that her Democrat opponent, Army veteran Marcus Flowers, received to win his primary.