Jennifer Aniston Reveals Mark Strong Punched Adam Sandler for Real on ‘Murder Mystery 2’: ‘I Saw It, He Cried’ (Video)

“He gets pretty beat up,” Aniston said of her “Murder Mystery 2” co-star

What’s it like getting punched in the face by Mark Strong? Well apparently, Adam Sandler found out on “Murder Mystery 2,” and it hurt. A lot. It hurt so much that, according to his co-star Jennifer Aniston, he cried a little.

Aniston revealed the stunt mishap during her appearance in “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, while detailing some of the many action sequences in the sequel. Apparently, during the film, there’s a moment where Aniston and Strong are atop the Eiffel Tower, and “something happens” that she does herself.

But, veering too close to spoiler territory, Aniston pivoted, and noted that she wasn’t the only one doing her own stunts in the film.

“Adam does a lot of his own stunts, and he gets pretty beat up,” Aniston said. “I mean, he actually got hit — did he ever tell you this? — Mark Strong actually hit him in the face.”

When Fallon pushed for more, gobsmacked as he was, Aniston added that the blow was “pretty hard.”

“Yeah, I saw it. He cried,” she said. “Little tear!”

At that, Fallon cracked up, but Aniston reassured everyone that she and Sandler “have fun together.” You can watch Aniston’s full appearance on “The Tonight Show” in the video above.

“Murder Mystery 2” hits Netflix on March 24.