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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Rockets Up to a 7 Score on Rotten Tomatoes — Goodbye, Goose Egg

Things are looking (slightly) up for ABC series that premieres Sept. 29

“Marvel’s Inhumans” no longer has the ignominious distinction of holding the lowest-possible score on Rotten Tomatoes. That said, the ABC drama series’ team may want to hold back on popping the champagne just yet.

“Inhumans,” which has maintained a zero on the review-aggregate site since last week, received its first positive review on Tuesday. When averaged together with the 13 negative appraisals, this brings the show’s score to a still-not-exactly-sterling 7. Baby steps.

The favorable review comes from Common Sense Media, a site geared toward warning parents about content deemed objectionable for children.

The publication awards the Serinda Swan-starring series with three out of five stars, providing such semi-backhanded praise as saying the show “isn’t devoid of charm” and that “viewers who love sci-fi may find themselves swept away — if not dazzled.”

Some sections of the review are even less refrigerator-worthy. Case in point: “Most scenes are glaringly shot on sound stages (dubiously dressed up with stage design that looks stolen from ‘Flash Gordon’ — the 1936 version), the wigs are truly terrible, the lighting and effects makeup strangely reminiscent of — but not as effective as — the effects on ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation.’ Oh, and the CGI. The CGI is bad, particularly the giant teleporting bulldog, Lockjaw.”

“Inhumans” launched a two-week IMAX run earlier this month ahead of its Sept. 29 premiere on ABC. The show has been dogged by criticism since trailers were released this summer, leading ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey last month to call the show a “work in progress.”

“Marvel’s Inhumans” premieres Sept. 29 on ABC.