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Donald Trump Wouldn’t Put Neck on the Line Even to Save His Kids, Mary Trump Says (Video)

“What’s good for him has always been his only calculus,” the tell-all author tells CNN of her uncle

Mary Trump says that faced with the opportunity to help shield his children from potential trouble with the law, her uncle Donald Trump would “never do anything to protect them if it were at his expense.”

Trump, speaking in an interview with CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” said Donald Trump is only out for numero uno – even when it comes to his kids.

“What’s good for him has always been his only calculus,” Mary Trump told Chris Cuomo. “Really, that’s the only calculation he makes ever.”

Discussing a potential scenario in which an investigation targeted Trump’s children, Cuomo asked whether that would “change his disposition.”

“Would he take one for his kids?” Cuomo asked.

“No, he wouldn’t,” replied Mary Trump, the author of the tell-all Donald Trump biography published last year that delivered a scathing portrait of the then-president. “I think if that were to happen, if prosecutors were to go after his children, he would fully expect them to take a hit for him, to benefit him.

“What he probably doesn’t understand is that’s not really how it works,” continued Trump, who has also sued her uncle and his siblings for denying her a stake in the family real-estate business. “You know, they always try to get people to flip so they can go after the bigger target. But Donald would never imagine in a million years that his children would do that, although I’m fairly sure they would. So if that indeed happens, it’s going to be fascinating, because he would never do anything to protect them if it were at his expense.”

Trump’s sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, both work for the Trump Organization, which is under criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office has now convened a special grand jury for the matter, according to The Washington Post. Prosecutors have been closely looking at the finances of Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, and benefits he and his son Barry — a longtime Trump Organization employee — potentially received from the company, CNN has reported. The investigation has also led to a subpoena for senior Trump Organization financial officer Jeffrey McConney, according to The New York Times

“I’ve known him my whole life,” Mary Trump said of her uncle. “And unfortunately, I’ve had to analyze him pretty closely over the last four or five years. This is somebody who’s never changed. He doesn’t evolve. And as you said earlier, he has one thing he cares about, and that’s himself. That will never, ever change, no matter who gets in his way, no matter who gets hurt, even if it’s his kids.”

Watch the “Cuomo Prime Time” interview of Mary Trump below.

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