Matt Damon Weighs in on Super Bowl Dunkin’ Donuts Ad: ‘Not My Idea’ | Video

The actor also reveals how he ad-libbed his last line with Ben Affleck

“Oppenheimer” star Matt Damon pulled the curtain back on the Dunkin’ Donuts Super Bowl ad in which he appeared with longtime friend and collaborator Ben Affleck and former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Affleck followed up last year’s Dunkin Donuts Super Bowl commercial with another ad this year, although this time he flipped the tables. While last year’s spot found Affleck working a Dunkin’ drive-thru and being visited by Jennifer Lopez, this year’s finds Affleck visiting Lopez in the studio and auditioning to be on her album with a group called the “DunKings” – complete with Brady on the keys and Damon as hype man.

“That was clearly not my idea,” Damon told host Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s “The Late Show.” “We had a lot of fun doing it though.”

As with last year’s spot, Ben Affleck directed this commercial as well. Not only does it wink at Affleck and Damon’s friendship but also includes a “Good Will Hunting” reference — Damon caps off the performance by saying, “How do you like them donuts?” (Affleck and Damon, of course, won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for writing “Good Will Hunting.”)

But it was Damon’s final line in the commercial that caught Colbert’s attention. While walking away with Affleck in sweatsuits emblazoned with the donut and coffee chain’s logo and — essentially — the Boston Red Sox logo, Damon says, “You remember when I said I would do anything for you? This is anything.”

“I actually said that to him when we were filming and he just left it in,” Damon revealed of the ad-libbed, unscripted moment.

Colbert summarized the comment as Affleck cashing in a chip with a one-time offer, joking that Affleck wasted the favor on an advertisement.

“I mean, however much time we have on this beautiful planet, he’s got no more chip with me,” Damon said.

Watch Damon’s full “Late Show” interview, in which he also discusses “Oppenheimer” with director Christopher Nolan, in the video above.

Adam Chitwood contributed to this story.


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