Matthew McConaughey Must Choose His Daughter or All of Humanity in Latest ‘Interstellar’ Trailers (Video)

Two new clips shine a spotlight on the personal struggle he faces as a father in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic

“Your daughter’s generation will be the last to survive on Earth,” Michael Caine says in the opening moments of the first of two new trailers for Christopher Nolan‘s upcoming science fiction epic “Interstellar.”

Matthew McConaughey plays a father tasked with finding a new home for humanity, setting him off on a harrowing mission through a wormhole into unknown space.

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Set in a future where the environment of Earth has been ravaged to the point that it is jeopardizing mankind, new hope arises upon the discovery of this wormhole. With no viable alternatives in known space, McConaughey must choose between staying behind with his daughter, or stepping into the unknown with the fate of everything on his shoulders.

Neither video does much better than the film’s first official trailer at specifying just what the threat is on Earth, or what exactly McConaughey and his crew are hoping to find on the other side of the wormhole, but it does make clear that this may be humanity’s last hope, and that McConaughey’s daughter really, really doesn’t want him to go.

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Written by Jonathan and Christoper Nolan, “Interstellar” also stars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Caine, Ellen Burstyn, Casey Affleck, Topher Grace, Matt Damon and John Lithgow. Paramount Pictures will release the movie, produced by Christopher Nolan, Emma Thompson and Lynda Obst, in theaters nationwide on Friday, Nov. 7. The film will be available in limited release on IMAX and other select formats Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Check out the to trailers, “Next Step” above and “Risk” below.