‘Captain America 4’ Characters Revealed a Year Early in McDonald’s Toys, Not Trailer

It’s confirmed: Red Hulk is finally happening

A Red Hulk toy, showing a red figure in dark shorts with black hair, appearing angry. The toy looks plush.
The McDonald's Red Hulk Happy Meal toy (Photo: Andi Ortiz/TheWrap)

Marvel is notoriously tight-lipped about their upcoming releases, especially when a movie isn’t even coming out for a whole year — but that doesn’t mean their partners are. This week McDonald’s released a slate of Happy Meal toys from 2025’s “Captain America: Brave New World,” the fourth Captain America film, and seemingly spoiled aspects of the movie in the process.

Fans noticed that the Happy Meal boxes at the store showed five characters from the movie: Captain America, a new Falcon, Diamondback (!), Ruth (?) and Red Hulk (!!!). The toys likely hit the shelves so far in advance of the film due to a combination of pandemic and strike-related delays. It was originally scheduled to hit theaters on May 3 of this year, before being bumped twice, now opening Valentine’s Day 2025.

The news was first shared on Instagram on April 17 by a Brazilian fast food fan account. They’ve since shown up in domestic McDonald’s Happy Meals.

As fans of the comics know, Red Hulk is the alternative persona of General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, who is known to harbor a major hatred of Bruce Banner/Hulk — and who even spent most of his career trying to hunt his nemesis down.

Like Hulk, Red Hulk has superhuman strength. When he gets angry, his skin becomes red and generates an intense heat that can be emitted through his eyes. Notably, Red Hulk does not return back to his human form.

Red Hulk was introduced in the form of General “Thunderbolt” Ross to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by way of the late William Hurt. Harrison Ford assumed the role following Hurt’s death in 2022 and is now expected to finally transform into the Red Hulk.

Other toys featured include the Captain America comic book villain Diamondback, expected to be a villain in the forthcoming film, as well as Ruth, known to comic book fans as Sabra, who also serves as a member of Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. Plus, we see the new Falcon — a replacement for Sam Wilson’s Captain America, now that he’s ascending out of his previous sidekick role.

Marvel’s Joe Russo originally considered introducing Red Hulk in “Captain America: Civil War.” He said, if they had given him “the narrative space, Red Hulk may have fit. But if you put a Hulk into a movie like ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ you have to treat him like a weapon of mass destruction.”

A trailer for the film has yet to be released, though a sneak peek was shown to press and theater exhibitors at the recent CinemaCon. “Captain America: Brave New World” is set for release on Feb. 14, 2025.


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