Meghan McCain Calls on FBI to Rescue Britney Spears: ‘This Is A Human Trafficking Issue’ (Video)

“The FBI needs to be involved and extradite her from her home,” said “The View” host of the pop star’s conservatorship

Meghan McCain firmly believes that things need to be escalated quickly in the case of Britney Spears’s conservatorship. On Thursday’s episode of “The View,” the host went so far as to say that the FBI should be getting involved.

Discussing the testimony of the pop star during their “Hot Topics” segment, the panel of women unanimously agreed that Spears’s testimony was more heartbreaking and damning than any of them expected. McCain admitted that she felt “physically ill” listening to Spears’s statements.

“By any card-carrying definition, this is a definition of human trafficking,” McCain stated angrily. “She is being forced to work against her will, she is being forced to be put on medication as extreme as lithium, which could do long-term damage to her brain because she didn’t need it. She is not allowed to have agency over her body, over her reproductive rights, and she is ostensibly being kept as a slave, and working as a slave for her family and these conservators.”

She then added that she thinks more drastic actions need to be taken than just a court hearing, calling on the FBI to help the singer obtain her freedom.

“I actually believe that this has reached the level that the FBI needs to be involved and extradite her from her home, away from these people this very moment, because these are people that could continue the abuse in real time,” McCain said. “I think it’s that extreme.”

The host went on to opine that in this particular case, Spears’s celebrity status has actually hurt her, more than helped, having followed her circumstances for more than a decade.

“If she were any other person not named Britney Spears, this is a human trafficking issue and should be treated as such,” McCain said.

You can watch the full discussion of Spears’s conservatorship on “The View” via the video above.


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