Meghan McCain Reverses Decision to Stop Watching ‘And Just Like That’: ‘Samantha Is Back… So Am I’

The former “View” co-host announced last year she would stop watching HBO’s “Sex and the City” revival because it was too woke, among other reasons

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain (Getty Images)

Meghan McCain has reversed her decision to stop watching HBO’s “And Just Like That” after learning that Kim Cattrall will return to the “Sex and the City” revival series.

“I couldn’t bear to watch the woke-fest ‘Sex and the City’ reboot ruin the show I loved. But now sizzling, sexy Samantha is back… and just like that, so am I,” the former co-host on ABC’s “The View” wrote for The Daily Mail.

“A large part of [the woke-fest] was due to the fact fan-fave character Samantha — played impeccably by Kim Cattrall — had failed to return,” McCain continued. “Samantha was outrageous, glamorous, hilarious. She put sizzling sex into the city. And with her departure came an inevitable slump into dullness. So how thrilled I was to hear the shock announcement this week that Samantha will soon be back on our screens.”

The news broke earlier this week that Cattrall had already shot a cameo appearance for the upcoming second season of “And Just Like That.” The actress had reportedly made the deal with chairman and CEO of HBO and Max content Casey Bloys. Apparently without the other major stars of the series present, including Sarah Jessica Parker and showrunner Michael Patrick King, Cattrall shot the scene (a reported phone conversation with Parker’s Carrie) in New York City on March 22. As far as the reports go, that’s the extent of Cattrall’s involvement with the show moving forward.

What made the return especially surprising was the fact that Cattrall had repeatedly told press she wouldn’t return and Parker has said she wouldn’t be comfortable with that happening, as well, amid a very public feud between the two actresses.

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall film "Sex and the City" in 2002 (Getty Images)
Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall film “Sex and the City” in 2002. (Credit: Getty Images)

For McCain’s part, she takes Cattrall’s return — no matter how small — as a sign the show has learned its lesson: “Let’s all just hope the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Cattrall’s return acts as a lesson to TV writers everywhere: woke DOESN’T work! Give us what we want on screen, and maybe we’ll all soon be quoting another despised sequel, ‘The Godfather Part III’: ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!’”

“And Just Like That” returns for its second season on HBO and Max on June 22.