Meghan McCain Calls Trump a ‘Cancer’ That’s Killing the GOP: ‘This Is the Moment for DeSantis’

The former co-host of “The View” rails on the Republican Party’s midterm results

Meghan McCain and Donald Trump
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Looking to the results out of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Meghan McCain proclaimed that the major losses within the Republican Party will be “the final nail in [Donald] Trump’s political coffin.”

Writing her thoughts in a DailyMail column Wednesday, the conservative pundit and former co-host of “The View” cited that several candidates the former president pushed for ended up losing.

“Too many of his suck-up duds lost an un-losable election,” McCain wrote, before pointing her attention to another rising Republican for the party’s 2024 presidential bid. “Now is the moment for DeSantis to take charge of the ship.”

She added: “In fact, nearly every major MAGA candidate and Trump-disciple lost or is likely to lose, with the exception of JD Vance in the Ohio Senate race.”

McCain also expressed her disappointment in the much-hyped “red wave” failing to materialize, calling it a “light pink ripple… at best.”

The nation is still waiting for all the election results to come in, but enough has happened to start to understand why so many Republicans are waking up this morning outraged and confused, she wrote.

“According to the exit polls, President Biden’s favorable rating is underwater, a majority of voters are angry and dissatisfied with the direction of the country, and more voters think Biden’s policies are hurting instead of helping them.”

The columnist went on to explain that due to the high inflation rate, rise in crime and border politics, the Biden presidency is “not going well” and that there was an expectation among both Republicans and Democrats that the nation’s fear and anger would lead to wider GOP wins. In fact, she said a “historic wave” — similar to the ones in 1994 and 2010 during former President Obama’s midterm election — was projected.

And while control of both the Senate and House remain unclear, the Republican Party is likely to end up with one of the worst performances during a first midterm election in decades.

“This will go down as a giant warning sign and, hopefully, a convincing argument against the delusion that President Donald Trump is the future of the GOP,” McCain wrote. “President Trump is no kingmaker, in fact, he is the opposite. He seems to have a knack for picking losing candidates.”

McCain went on to state that perhaps the GOP’s disappointing midterm results was due in part to Trump’s narcissistic behaviors.

“It is more important to Trump, the narcissist, that candidates suck up to him, kiss his ring and vomit up his talking points, instead of running sincere campaigns that connect with voters in an authentic way,” she wrote.

McCain continued to praise Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ performance, as he flipped the historically Democratic Miami-Dade county to red for the first time in decades.

“[DeSantis’ performance] poured rocket fuel on his presidential ambitions,” she wrote, emphasizing that the Republican party has a “choice” to either stay in the “Trump cult and continue to underperform” or support other candidates.

“Along with President Trump, every single person in Republican leadership who enabled this embarrassing midterm loss should be held accountable, and that includes Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Kevin McCarthy,” McCain wrote.

McCain concluded by saying that she hopes the Florida governor can take control over the Republican Party.

“To put it in jargon that Trump-land can understand: they’re a bunch of losers,” McCain wrote. “I hope we can right the ship before it’s too late – and I hope that ship is steered by Ron DeSantis.”