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Meghan McCain Rips Sarah Palin’s Online Channel: ‘I Got All My Sarah Palin I Need for One Lifetime’ (Video)

She will not be forking up $9.95 a month to watch the programming her father’s former running mate has in store for viewers

Meghan McCain will not be subscribing to Sarah Palin’s online channel, TAPP, for multiple reasons, she explained on Pivot’s “TakePart Live.”

For starters, McCain already experienced enough behind-the-scenes access to the conservative political TV personality and former Alaskan governor when Palin campaigned for the White House in 2008 alongside Sen. John McCain.

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“I am not gonna subscribe to Sarah Palin for $9.95 a month,” McCain declared on Monday. “I got all my Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime.”

The “TakePart” co-host also wasn’t impressed by the layout of website.

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“All I know is when I look at her site, I don’t know how this is different from a blog with video posts,” McCain said on Monday. “It didn’t look like a video channel.”

According to Sunday’s announcement from TAPP’s founders Jeff Gaspin and Jon Klein, the subscription service housed at SarahPalinChannel.com will include videos and “commentary on important issues facing the nation,” as well as more glimpses into Palin’s personal life and opportunities for viewers to chat with Palin online.

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