Megyn Kelly and Adam Carolla Rail on ‘Harry & Meghan’ as a Study of ‘Insane Narcissists’ (Video)

“It’s just a lie. They haven’t done anything at all,” Kelly said

Megyn Kelly is fed up with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Taking the former royals to task on Thursday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” she and guest Adam Carolla lambasted Netflix’s new docuseries, “Harry & Meghan,” for being self-serving and narcissistic.

Predicting that the anticipated series will be a “big punch in the nose to the Royal family, or their best effort yet to take them down,” Kelly wondered aloud if Carolla will be watching it, to which he said, “If I watch it, I’m just gonna study it like game film for narcissism.”

“These two are insane narcissists and it’s weird they’re getting an award for racism,” Carolla continued. “I think all you have to do is complain about racism and then you get an award these days, which I feel like that’s all these people do. I feel like that’s all the Obama’s do.” 

The host of “The Adam Carolla Show” added that “all these people in positions of power” could be doing more than they are for the good of the world and country. Instead, “they just go around and talk about racism and get awards, and it’s sad.”

Kelly echoed her guest, saying that Prince Harry and Markle haven’t done enough to combat racism.

“It’s so made up,” she said. “It’s just a lie. They haven’t done anything at all other than promote themselves.”

Later in the interview, Kelly targeted Markle specifically for reports that she was an alleged “bully” while working in the royal family. She took particular suspicion with reports that several employees quit under her watch.

“She’s a bully. There have been several reports of bullying that she committed while she was working inside the royal family,” Kelly said. “Several people quit. Over the past few years, 14 people have quit working for her and Harry. That’s a lot. You run a media company, I run a media company, you know how many people I’ve had quit in the past several years for me? One.” 

Watch the full conversation in the video above.