Megyn Kelly Dismisses Kamala Harris’ Interview With Drew Barrymore as ‘Her Normal Air Sandwich’ | Video

The host compares the times the VP laughs to Clair Dunphy on ‘Modern Family’ giggling every time there’s a death in the family

Megyn Kelly dragged Kamala Harris over her appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” seemingly claiming the vice president provided absolutely nothing entertaining or insightful to the show as a guest.

“It’s classic Kamala Harris trying to offer fake profundities with her fake affect when she’s saying nothing,” Kelly said of Harris’ guest spot after viewing a clip previewing the VP’s interview. “She delivers her normal air sandwich and even worse is Drew Barrymore leaning in, she must be three inches away from Kamala Harris.”

Kelly didn’t indicate that she’d watched Harris’ full Monday interview segment, but merely the preview clip.

During the talk show segment, Harris broke down the history behind her well-known laugh and addressed the criticism she receives over it. She shared that her giggle originates from the matriarchs in her family.

“Apparently some people like to talk about the way I laugh,” Harris said. “I have my mother’s laugh, and I grew up, around a bunch of women in particular, who laughed from the belly. They would sit around in the kitchen drinking their coffee, telling big stories with big laughs. I’m never going to be —” at which point she acted out a quiet, stereotypically girlish laugh.

“I’m not that person,” Harris added. “I think it’s really important for us to remind each other, and our younger ones, don’t be confined to other’s people’s perception about what this looks like and how you should act in order to be. It’s important.”

“I hate everything about this clip,” Kelly said, including both Harris’ comments and Barrymore’s reaction — including her getting so up close and personal with the VP. Kelly speculated that Harris must have been “uncomfortable.”

“I feel like Secret Service is probably like ‘a little farther away, madam.’ And the, ‘Ah!’ When [Harris] is like, she’s got her mother’s laugh,” Kelly added, incredulous at Barrymore seemingly fawning over Harris.

While Kelly acknowledged that both the commentary around Harris’ laugh and the laugh itself was a bit strange, she said Harris often laughs at weird times.

“The mocking of Kamala Harris’ laugh — it is a little odd, yes. But it’s because it is deployed at very odd times. She uses it… maybe as a deflection or a protective mechanism. She laughs at the wrong times,” Kelly said. “It’s like, we love the show ‘Modern Family,’ and they have Clair Dunphy, the lead actress, always laugh when someone tells her there’s been a death in the family. She can’t stop herself from smiling, kind of giggling at it — that’s Kamala Harris. She’s inappropriate with the laugh.”

Kelly continued: “No one gives a s–t that she got the laugh from the mother. What you’re seeing up there is entirely performative by both women.”

You can watch both the Megyn Kelly segment and Barrymore’s full interview segment with Kamala Harris above.


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