Melinda French Gates Grants Multi-Million Donation to Public Service Media Nonprofit The 19th

The grant will allow 19th to expand during a crucial election year

Melinda French Gates
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Melinda French Gates has given a three-year, multi-million dollar grant to nonprofit newsroom The 19th, the outlet announced Tuesday. 

The grant will allow 19th, which reports at the intersection of gender, politics, and policy, to expand its public service journalism and sustain operations.

The grant is part of French Gates’ $1-billion strategic initiative directed toward organizations that advance women’s rights. The philanthropist will also be providing global leaders with $20 million grants to distribute to organizations that are advancing women’s health. 

“My commitment is to ensure we are doing more to unlock women and girls’ power and we are accelerating progress now,” French Gates said in a statement. “The organizations we’re working with have a proven track record in fighting to protect women’s rights and advancing their power and influence in the United States. I look forward to all they will continue to accomplish.”

The 19th noted that French Gates has been a consistent supporter of the organization’s work, with her Pivotal Ventures being one of the outlet’s earliest supporters. 

The grant will bolster the organization’s politics and policy coverage in a crucial election year, which the company said will “allow us to make strategic investments in our audiences and our future, and lay the foundation for our long-term sustainability in a turbulent time for our industry.”

Earlier this month, French Gates announced that she would be stepping down from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation after separating from Microsoft founder Bill Gates three years ago. 


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