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MGM Joins All Other Studios in Adopting PGA’s ‘Produced By’ Mark

The company’s upcoming movies include ”RoboCop,“ ”Poltergeist“ and ”Hot Tub Time Machine 2“

The Producers Guild of America said Tuesday that MGM has joined all other studios in adopting the Producers Mark certification process and will begin implementing the on-screen credit on all films.

producers_mark_sealThe “Produced by” credit certification protects the integrity of one of the most challenging and enduring roles in feature film production, clearly verifying which individuals did the majority of the producing work on a film while also establishing an authentic seal of approval. Once a producer’s work on a film is certified by the Producers Guild, the “Produced by” credit and producer’s name will be followed by the distinctive mark: “p.g.a.”

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PGA presidents Mark Gordon and Hawk Koch made the announcement.

“One of the Producers Guild’s primary goals is to ensure that producers are recognized for their work — MGM’s adoption of the Producers Mark is another gratifying achievement for the Guild. All major studios have adopted the p.g.a. certification process and by continuing to secure agreements with distribution companies and independent producers across the industry, the Producers Mark is steadily becoming the standard,” Gordon and Koch said in a joint statement.

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Paramount, Warner Bros. and The Walt Disney Studios have adopted the Producers Mark along with all other studios including: Columbia Pictures, Dimension Films, Disney Feature Animation Studios, Dreamworks and Dreamworks Animation, Lionsgate Films, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, New Line, Pixar, Screen Gems, 20th Century Fox, Universal and The Weinstein Co.

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The Producers Mark certifies authenticity, not membership. A producer need not be a member of the PGA to be eligible for certification, only to have performed a majority of the producing duties on a given film.

There are more than 60 films today carrying the “p.g.a.” certification, from independent and animated features to major studio tentpoles.

MGM’s upcoming films include “RoboCop,” “Poltergeist” and “Hot Tub Time Machine 2.”