Michael Urie Talks Potential ‘Ugly Betty’ Reboot: ‘I Think It’s Time’ (Video)

The actor also confirms celebrated stylist Patricia Field would return

“Shrinking” star Michael Urie is open to an “Ugly Betty” reboot 13 years after the show’s finale.

The actor appeared on the “Sherri” talk show hosted by actress Sherri Shepherd, where she asked him about having dinner with the cast back in November 2022.

I gotta ask you about ‘Ugly Betty.’ I saw you having dinner with some of the cast members,” she said. “Were you guys talking about maybe doing a reboot? Because it’s been 13 years since the finale, Michael. Are you going to have a reboot?”

Actress America Ferrera, who played the titular Betty on the show, posted photos of the herself, Urie and Vanessa Williams having dinner together and striking the signature poses of their characters — Betty, Mark and Wilhelmina Slater.

“Well, I would love that. We would love that,” Urie said. “I think it’s time! We should do one!” 

Shepherd asked what the show would be about now if they were to do a reboot.

This is what’s so interesting. It was a show about fashion. And it’s been 13 years. Fashion is totally different now, it changes so quickly,” Urie said. “I want to know what we would be wearing now. What trends would we be setting in this fashion world? And, Patricia Field, who was our costume designer [also costume designer for ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Emily in Paris’], I know she would do it.” 

Before talking “Ugly Betty,” Urie told a story about getting pooped on by a bird. Shepherd prompted the story by asking if Urie relates to his “Shrinking” character’s line “Everything goes my way.” While walking home to change after the incident, a woman on the street recognized Urie and said the signature line to him.

Watch the video above.