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‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Reunite for Revenge on Rita Repulsa in Trailer for Netflix Special (Video)

”Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always“ debuts on the streamer April 19

The “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” are reuniting with revenge over Rita Repulsa on their minds in Netflix’s 30th anniversary special.

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always,” which launches April 19 on Netflix, follows the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ quest for vengeance 30 years after Zordon formed the team. While in the midst of a global crisis, a previous threat resurfaces as Rita Repulsa sets her sights on the group.

“After all these years, I found a new body” Rita Repulsa says in the trailer as the Blue Ranger Billy Cranston (David Yost) is in disbelief, saying, “No, it can’t be.” “It’s time for revenge,” Rita Repulsa declares before delivering a devastating blow that leaves the rangers reeling.

The special’s trailer also reveals Rita Repulsa is responsible for the death of Trini, the original Yellow Power Ranger, as Trini’s daughter, Minh (Charlie Kersh), states “she killed mom — we gotta destroy her.”

The rangers aren’t so convinced Minh should be involved in the dangerous mission, however, as they classify the impending revenge as “ranger business.” “Let us sort this out,” they tell Minh.

As the rangers learn Rita Repulsa is in the process of time portal, a high-stakes mission begins as the rangers battle to save their fate.

In addition to Blue Ranger Billy Cranston, the special also features several familiar faces, including the first Black Ranger Zack Taylor (Walter E. Jones), the second Pink Ranger (Catherine Sutherland), the second Red Ranger (Steve Cardenas), the second Yellow Ranger (Karan Ashley) and the second Black Ranger (Johnny Yong Bosch). Barbara Goodson also returns to voice Rita Repulsa.

You can watch the full trailer above.

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always” premieres April 19 on Netflix.