NYC Sports Radio Host Mike Francesa Crushes the New York Jets in Epic 7-Minute Rant (Video)

WFAN personality takes the 1-7 local NFL team to task: “The team is a mortal embarrassment”

Mike Francesa WFAN

WFAN radio host Mike Francesa’s still got it — and by “it,” we mean a whole bunch of pent-up anger, likely sky-high blood pressure and very viral video potential.

The popular New York-based sportstalk radio personality delivered an epic takedown of the New York Jets Monday on his radio show — which is also carried by the YES Network — following the local football teams bludgeoning by the Buffalo Bills. The Jets dropped to a pathetic 1-7, and Francesa had no patience for General Manager John Indzik’s postgame press conference.

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Francesa specifically did not appreciate Indzik’s “clueless” “Play like a Jet” mantra or ripped-off “Jet Nation” catchphrase.

The radio host raved: “‘Play like a Jet?’ What does that mean? Commit a penalty, or fumble the ball or drop the ball? Which one is that, ‘Play like a Jet?’ We know it’s not play well.”

He continued: “What is Jet Nation? 42,000 empty seats?”

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To sum up, Francesa wants Indzik out.

“You need to be finished!” he concluded.

Watch the video: