Jenny McCarthy Talks New SiriusXM Show, Retooled ‘View’ and Chris Hardwick’s Comeback

“I respect the hell out of him … He has that Dennis Miller intellect,” McCarthy tells TheWrap of her one-time “Singled Out” co-host

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy‘s limited-run weekly show on SiriusXM Stars has birthed a live daily version on the service. On Channel 109, she will follow Howard Stern starting Monday, when the former Playboy Playmate’s first guest will be Demi Lovato.

On “Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy,” the eponymous host and author will tackle dating, parenting, sex, relationships, pop culture and current events — not entirely unlike what she was doing on “The View” before her contract ran out in August. Since that semi-tumultuous parting of ways, McCarthy told TheWrap she’s watched just a few “View” episodes, but she promises there are “zero hard feelings” on her end about how the ABC morning show moved on without her.

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“I’ve always been one to kind of cheer on the next group and empower women and keep that girl code going,” McCarthy told TheWrap on Thursday. “I know what had happened: They wanted to really blow it out and go in a different direction — and they’re still figuring it out.”

“Barbara created a show that has been copied a million times over and over and I feel like with anything it takes time to get up on your feet and find their direction that they’re really trying to go for,” she continued, adding: “I’m rooting for them.”

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Recently, McCarthy claimed that she was too white and too liberal for the broadcast TV gabfest anyway. One of the replacement panelists, Nicolle Wallace, is definitely the former, but decidedly not the latter. Or at least she’s conservative enough, McCarthy said.

“She’s someone that, for a show that’s very liberal, finds the common ground — so I think that’s why they very much liked her,” the multi-hyphenate explained of Wallace, McCarthy’s good friend.

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And no matter how it ended, McCarthy says she prefers the radio gig to what she called the current “scrambled” state of TV, where hooking up with and tracking viewers in a digital age is no simple task. But that doesn’t mean McCarthy has sworn off the medium.

“There will be some other TV announcements in the next month,” she teased.

A young McCarthy cut her teeth on the visual medium, co-hosting MTV dating show “Singled Out” with an almost-as-young Chris Hardwick, who has since returned to fame with Comedy Central’s “@midnight” and his entire Nerdist platform.

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“I respect the hell out of him,” McCarthy said of Hardwick’s recent success. “I knew during ‘Singled Out,’ he was so intelligent — he’s smarter than the [MTV dating] show, obviously. He has that Dennis Miller intellect.”

For now, McCarthy will enjoy her two-hour-a-day schedule, which allows her to take her kids to and from school. The outspoken personality will just try to maintain the balance between stating her mind and keeping her new job.

“I’m sure there will be some moments where I will have to back up and go, ‘damnit,’” McCarthy said, when asked if the recent unseating of Anthony Cumia concerns her as a fellow outspoken entertainer on the satellite radio platform. “I have to be my authentic self at all times because I think the audience wants that, respects that and if it comes with along some slip-ups here and there … that’s part of being authentic.”

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Grateful for the somewhat-frightening opportunity of going from a weekly to daily show, she continued: “The fact that I can have longer conversations, and make points, and do stuff that I think is interesting and funny — I won’t know if it’s harder [until] I’m in [it], but from what I did so far, I’ve had the time of my life.”

“Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy” debuts Oct. 27 and will air live weekdays from 10 a.m. to noon ET on SiriusXM Channel 109.