Mike Lindell’s Own Cybersecurity Expert Admits There’s No Proof of Election Fraud

Josh Merritt calls Lindell’s data “a turd”

Mike Lindell Absolute Proof The Razzies
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Mike Lindell’s own cybersecurity expert said Wednesday that his team has been able to find no proof of election fraud, though that’s precisely what the MyPillow maven hired him to do.

Josh Merritt told the Washington Times, “So our team said we’re not going to say that this is legitimate if we don’t have confidence in the information.”

“The information” in question is, according to Lindell, 37 terabytes of “irrefutable” evidence that China-backed hackers broke into American election systems and switched votes from then-president Donald Trump to President Joe Biden in 2020. Lindell’s theory revolves around intercepted data of “packet captures” that prove a cyberattack.

Lindell hosted a symposium in South Dakota this week to share his “evidence.” In addition to offering $5 million to anyone who could disprove his findings — which is an offer that is no longer on the table — he displayed video of rolling text he said was the “packet captures.”

Former senior National Security Agency analyst and whitstleblower J. Kirk Wiebe told the Times that the scrolling text on display was probably meant to resemble “packet captures,” but wasn’t the real deal.

Merritt maintained that the data did contain important “forensic” evidence, but concluded, “We were handed a turd and I had to take that turd and turn it into a diamond and that’s what I think we did.”

The symposium was the latest stunt by Lindell, who continues to falsely claim the 2020 election was stolen. His other efforts have included his own “documentary” on the election and regular appearances on right-wing OAN.

Read Merritt’s full interview here.


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