Mike Lindell Complains MyPillow Still Has 2 Million Masks ‘No One Wants’

“Anyone can have them now. I don’t care,” says company CEO and election fraud conspiracist

mike lindell
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MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell is worried about the 2 million masks his company produced that “no one wants” now that mask mandates are lifting.

Lindell, who has long pushed baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election and incorrectly claimed former president Donald Trump was somehow cheated out of a rightful win, said during a recent chat with the Daily Beast that he “can’t give them away.”

“We gave away five million masks to the public, free across this country, and it cost about $4.8 million to make them. Anyone can have them now. I don’t care,” he exclaimed. He ended up contradicting that, though, when he said he no longer believes masks work to prevent the spread of the virus (though they do) so he isn’t sure if he even wants to send his stockpile overseas.

The Beast piece was about the “spectacular failure” of his mask operation, so it’s important to note that the fabric face coverings Lindell’s company made did not meet FDA standards and, thus, he couldn’t complete his give-away plan.

The FDA and CDC, he responded, “made it that you could only use certain masks from certain factories.”

In all, according to the report, Lindell and his company spent millions of dollars on the mask plan and shifted factory production from pillows to face coverings.

“I don’t know how to convert it back — you can’t just cut wires and stuff. Will we need it again? Probably not. We’ll probably eventually have to sell the sewing machines. We bought hundreds,” he noted.


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