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Mike Lindell Thinks Tucker Carlson’s Acquisition of the Jan. 6 Tapes Is a Case Worthy of the Supreme Court: ‘It’s Disgusting’ (Video)

The My Pillow CEO vowed to sue House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on First Amendment grounds

My Pillow CEO and Trump loyalist Mike Lindell said Tucker Carlson’s acquisition of the more than 41,000 hours of tapes of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is a case worthy of the Supreme Court.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave those tapes exclusively to Fox News, and Lindell said he’s prepared to “run this all the way to the Supreme Court” if it comes to that point.

While speaking to Steve Bannon on his “War Room” podcast Thursday, Lindell said his media company “LindellTV” should have rights to the tapes.

“We’re injured by not having access,” Lindell said. “[This is] discrimination by the speaker.”

Lindell added, “Well, we’re not going to sit back and let that happen.”

Bannon questioned Lindell and asked why would add this potential legal situation on his plate, as it is always full with legal battles.

Lindell responded, “Well, because number one, Fox is going to sift through it and only put out what they want. I’m tired of breaking our constitutional rights.”

Lindell told Bannon was confused why the media wasn’t going after McCarthy for giving the footage exclusively to Fox News.

“It’s like a cover-up, why does just Fox get this? So they can cover this up even more? It’s disgusting. All of us, including “War Room,” we need to see what’s on those tapes, and we need to see all of them. We need to go through them, we’re the press, too,” Lindell said.

Lindell made reference of his legal battles when he attempted to challenge the resultes of the 2020 presidential election and said, “This also goes back to my lawsuits with Dominion and others.”

“There’s a lot of cover-up going on, where the two even tie together out there. The lawyers, we were going to go after Fox to get it, and the lawyers. Yesterday, we had a big meeting, and they said, ‘No, we’re going to go right after the speaker, right after Congress.’”

Lindell added, “I’m tired of the violation of our constitutional rights, Steven,”

Lindell isn’t the only person pushing back against McCarthy giving this footage to Fox. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer voiced his displeasure in McCarthy’s actions in letter to colleagues and said “The speaker is needlessly exposing the Capitol complex to one of the worst security risks since 9/11. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has also castigated McCarthy, for allowing Carlson and Fox News to “concoct an alternative narrative.”

Watch video of the full exchange below.